BROS: Blazar Radio and Optical Survey (Itoh et al., 2020)


BROS (Blazar Radio and Optical Survey) is a new blazar candidate catalog, which includes 88,211 sources located at declination δ > -40 degree and outside the Galactic Plane |b| > 10 degree. We list compact flat-spectrum radio sources of α > -0.6 from 0.15 GHz TGSS and 1.4 GHz NVSS catalogs. We further identify optical counterparts of the selected sources by cross-matching with the Pan-STARRS1 photometric data (link to ADS and Paper).

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FITS (table format)

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Table discription

Column nameFormatNotes
BROS-ID - source ID
spindx-RA degree R.A. from TGSS-NVSS catalog
spindx-Dec degree Decl. from TGSS-NVSS catalog
spindx-TGSS-Flux Jy TGSS Total flux
spindx-TGSS-Flux-error Jy TGSS Total flux error
spindx-NVSS-Flux Jy NVSS Total flux
spindx-NVSS-Flux-error Jy NVSS Total flux error
spindx-Spectral-Index - Spectral index between 0.15 GHz and 1.4 GHz
spindx-Spectral-Index-error - Spectral index error
SourceFlag strings Source type flag, "Q", "E", "G" or "B"
radio-Compactness - Radio compactness defined as total flux / peak flux (NVSS)
radio-Compactness-error - Radio compactness error
optical-Compactness - Optical compactness defined as Mpsf - MKron (PS1, i- band)
optical-Compactness-error - Optical compactness error
PS1-BROS-separation arcsec Source separation angle between TGSS-NVSS and PS1 catalog position
PS1-r-RA degree r-band R.A. position
PS1-r-Dec degree r-band Decl. position
PS1-g-Kronmag magnitude g-band Kron magnitude
PS1-g-Kronmag-error magnitude g-band Kron magnitude error
PS1-g-PSFmag magnitude g-band PSF magnitude
PS1-g-PSFmag-error magnitude g-band PSF magnitude error
PS1-r-Kronmag magnitude r-band Kron magnitude
PS1-r-Kronmag-error magnitude r-band Kron magnitude error
PS1-r-PSFmag magnitude r-band PSF magnitude
PS1-r-PSFmag-error magnitude r-band PSF magnitude error
PS1-i-Kronmag magnitude i-band Kron magnitude
PS1-i-Kronmag-error magnitude i-band Kron magnitude error
PS1-i-PSFmag magnitude i-band PSF magnitudeb
PS1-i-PSFmag-error magnitude i-band PSF magnitude error


Ryosuke Itoh