Bisei Astronomical Observatory

The Bisei Astronomical Observatory (BAO) is a public observatory which boasts a 101cm-diameter telescope located in Bisei Town, Ibara City, Japan. The BAO is open to anyone, from those with a deep interest in astronomy, to the casual star gazing. You don’t need a reservation to visit, except for group tours or special programmes, so come and pop by.

Opening hours

Day viewing09:30 – 16:00 (Tue and Wed)
13:45 – 16:00 (Mon, Fri, Sat and Sun)
Night viewing18:00 – 22:00 (Mon, Fri, Sat and Sun)
Reception is closed from 21:30
Closed datesThursdays, the day after a national holiday, and during the New Year’s holidays.

Entrance fee

300 yen per person


At the observatory, visitor can gaze up at stars, planets and galaxies with the impressive 101cm telescope at night. If it happens to be raining, we have a 3D show of the Universe, named “4D2U” (link), which will be showed on first floor. Please note that the information given at the observatory is currently only available in Japanese.


Address: 1723-70 Ookura, Bisei-cho, Ibara, Okayama 714-1411, Japan

By car

Free parking is available for visitors. The parking area will be closed from 22:00 onwards.

By Bus

The bus stop for BAO is Bisei Byoin Mae (at Bisei hospital), accessible on Ibara’s Hokushin Bus. It takes 20 to 30 minutes on foot (about 2km) to reach BAO from the bus stop. The last bus from Yakage bus station leaves Yakage at 18:20 and arrives at Bisei Byoin Mae at 18:57. The last bus returning to Yakage leaves Bisei Byoin Mae at 17:15 and arrives at Yakage at 17:52. There is currently no bus service for visitors to BAO at night. Visitors may reserve a hotel in Bisei Town, or take a taxi to JR Shin-Kurashiki Station via Yakage (about 7,000 yen, 40 minutes drive).


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